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Max. no. of XML records to send ?

Recently I got this error when trying to use the Export to Excel button on the Customer list of a Dynamics NAV database:

This made me wonder: Is the export to Excel function limited to only 5000 records ?

Well, yes, it is, but the good news is that you can override this limit. When you go to Tools è Options there's a field called: "Max. no. of XML records to send" and its value is set by default to 5000.

So by increasing this you are able to send more than 5000 records towards Excel:

Of course, keep in mind that increasing this to a high value, you potentially can decrease system performance…


How to print barcodes on a Microsoft Dynamics NAV report

A student question came in :-)  How to print barcodes on a Microsoft Dynamics NAV report?

To print barcodes on a Microsoft Dynamics NAV report, you need to install a barcode font in windows first. You find these fonts on the web but it is also available for download from partnersource.

Then you need to install these fonts in Control Panel/ Fonts. After that you can create your Microsoft Dynamics NAV report. Where you want to print your barcode, you need to change the font of the textbox to the barcode font.

You also need to put * in front and to the end of the source expression.

Example: : ‘*’ + ItemNo + ‘*’Barcodereport_5 Fonts_3 



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