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Plataan GOLD Certified Partner for Learning Solutions


It is with great pleasure that we can announce that Plataan has achieved the GOLD CERTIFICATION status.

Gold Certified Partners represent the highest level of competence and expertise with Microsoft technologies, and have the closest working relationship with Microsoft.

We explicitly want to thank our team (the MCT 's : Microsoft Certified Trainer) for their commitment, knowledge and hard work over the last three years. We also want to thank our training customers (about 150 customers after three years, both domestic as international customers). We want to thank Microsoft and all our vendors and contacts.


Microsoft Dynamics NAV Test Drive

Dynamics_nav_testdrive_2 While surfing I just found a website called
  Microsoft Dynamics NAV Test Drive

Purpose is to introduce people/prospects who are unfamiliar with Microsoft Dynamics NAV and who do not have the Microsoft Dynamics NAV software at hand, to Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

By logging on to the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Test Drive using a web browser, people will be able to experience Microsoft Dynamics NAV 5.0 first hand without the need of installing it on the computer. It allows to explore the product or to follow guided exercises and demos.

Features Special chapters on Improved Job Handling, Advanced Job features, Efficient Inventory Processes, Manage Prepayments and Rapid implementation.

For each chapter, you can:

- View benefits: presentation and feature demo

- View video: video on the features

- Test Drive:
   Discover Microsoft Dynamics NAV by making guided exercises in the
   testdrive console.

The Microsoft Dynamics NAV testdrive console: a virtual environment which allows to discover, play around and make guided exercises without installing the Microsoft Dynamics NAV software.



HOSTED Microsoft Dynamics and CRM

Microsoft will bring its Dynamics ERP products and CRM software also as hosted versions to the market. This will be available for MS partners by a license formule build on subscriptions.

This means that enduser organisations will be able to make use of Microsoft Dynamics ERP functionality in an hosted environment. So they will not need to invest in hardware or heavy implementation costs but use online functionality to run their business. This is what Bill Gates communicated at Microsoft EMEA Convergence 2006 in Munich.According to Bill Gates ERP, office applications and webservices will come together in the near future.

Security and the perception of security will of course be crucial to convince enduser organisations to bring their company data online. Once this issue (the perception in particular) has been tackled I am sure that renting your online business software will become more and more popular within certain industries and segments. This online renting model will be available as of January 2007. Pretty quick!

Gates also communicated to integrate CRM functionality in the webservicesplatform LIVE: Microsoft Dynamics LIVE CRM. He also said that this hosted service would be added with a "Add Center Connect" functionality. What on earth could be this? Well this would be a tool to setup and manage online marketing campaigns.
These tool are also getting more and more popular. In Belgium we have the most popular emailgarage as an example. These tools is what the market wants and having this integrated in a CRM application or platform would be great.

So future will have a lot of renting and hosting


"People Ready Business" and Microsoft Dynamics

40027912 Steve Ballmer and Jeff Raikes launched the Microsoft's People-Ready vision.
At the core of this is the idea that software that empowers people will help businesses achieves next level of productivity gains.A people-ready business knows that people are its most important asset, and it empowers its people to drive the business forward. When individuals realize their potential, your company realizes its potential.

What is the importance of this "People Ready Vision" on Dynamics software?

Technology can transform an organization. Technology must be designed in such a way that it enables our customers to accelerate returns on their biggest investment—their people.

One of the core themes for the Dynamics Wave 1 releases is around “roles based” user experience. The User Experience teams have done some amazing work in doing the deep anthropological research for each of the roles within business and this context is what is influencing the significant investments Microsoft is making in delivering user experiences that transcend both Dynamics and Office “personalized” for the specific role.

So, Dynamics-Nav 5.0 will be strongly focussed on the "role based user experience". You can expect a lot of it as the impact will be great. We will now have a software solution that was really designed from a user perspective and this is great news. Currently we know user profiles only from a security point of view. Now each role in the company will have focussed functionality and clear defined and visualised flows.
The good news doesn't stop with the role based focus of Dynamics-Nav. The 'people perspective' is also realised by making the MS office integration much stronger. MS Office is also redesigned with the 'people ready vision'.

Want to know more on People Ready business?
Check out following Links:

At Plataan we are preparing for "People Ready Training", but more about this later


Microsoft Introduces Business Ready Licensing for Microsoft Dynamics

Few days before the Microsoft World Partner Conference in Boston, Microsoft announced the " Business Ready Licensing Model" for Microsoft Dynamics business management solutions. The difference with previous license model is that the basis is moved from modules and granules towards concurrent users who actually use the products.
Three license models are available:

  • Microsoft Dynamics Business Essentials
  • Microsoft Dynamics Advanced Management
  • Microsoft Dynamics Advanced Management Enterprise

Microsoft Dynamics Business Essentials: This offering is an integrated, powerful financial and supply chain management solution that is designed for companies that need a core financial management and trade solution that will enable them to easily scale as their business grows.
Microsoft Dynamics Advanced Management:the preferred solution for growing customers who need complex, highly functional financial and accounting programs and who are looking for an adaptive solution to manage advanced processes for their financials, supply chain management, manufacturing and project accounting needs. It also helps them obtain the key business intelligence and reporting required to manage their organization.
Microsoft Dynamics Advanced Management Enterprise:For organizations with complex needs, Advanced Management Enterprise extends the Advanced Management Edition by providing a rich set of advanced supply chain management, field service, configuration, manufacturing and development capabilities on a flat-fee basis.

In addition, Microsoft Dynamics CRM customer relationship management functionality will be included on the Microsoft Business Solutions price lists over the next 12 months.
Business Ready Licensing is focused on new customers. Customers not licensed under Business Ready Licensing today will have the choice to stay on their current licensing model (modular-based licensing) or make the transition to Business Ready Licensing when it makes sense for them.

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