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Save View As… in the Classic Client

It's not that I don't like the RTC or that I want to favor the Classic Client, but in one of my trainings, a participant showed me a feature in the Classic Client I wasn't aware it exists. It's a feature which is doing almost exactly the same as the Save View As… function in the RoleTailored Client of NAV 2009 SP1.

If you place a filter on a form in the Classic Client, you can send the link to Shortcuts. This means that your filtered form is saved (as a link) in the Shortcuts menu where you can just go and use it without having to place the filter over and over again.. So it basically does the same as the Save View As… function.

An (easy) example:

Suppose I want to have an overview of my expenses of the most recent year.

  1. That's something that you could be doing by applying following filters (a simplified example based on Cronus International Ltd.):
  • Table Filter: 8110..8330
  • Flow Filter: 01/01/11..31/12/11

As a result you would get:

  1. Next step is saving the link to the Shortcuts menu. Do not use the right-click function on the Chart of Accounts item in the Navigation Pane, but we go to the File menu and select Send – Link to Shortcuts (Ctrl+Alt+S).


Next, you'll see that the filtered Chart of Accounts has been added in your Shortcuts Menu, where you can go and rename it.


So there you go. Just as in the RTC you have now a filtered view that you can use whenever you want.

Once again, RTC is the future for me, but I was pleasantly surprised to discover this feature in the Classic Client.

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