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Dashboard Report in NAV 2009

For the Microsoft Powershot event, a couple of weeks ago, I delivered a session about how to create a dashboard report in NAV 2009. It was a very crowded session and afterwards I got a lot of requests to receive the .fob with the dashboard report. So here it is, but first some explanations about the 'features' of the report.

The report has 3 controls. On the first page there are two charts showing the top x customers and top x items. In the request page x can be selected by the user.

In the top x Items Chart, there also a calculated measure showing, plotted as a line, the Sales/Purchases percentage. Furthermore, if you click on an Item or on a Customer, the corresponding Item or Customer page will open. This has been achieved via an action in the chart with an expression:

To generate the bookmark, some C/AL code was added in the data item triggers:

For the bookmark to become available in the dataset of the report, you have to put it on a section:

Then, starting from the next page on the report, a matrix shows the Item Inventory by Location:

You can click on the description of an Item to open another report, showing the corresponding ledger entries. Also, you can click on the Inventory Quantity, to see the same report, but then filtered on Item and Location:

To create the link, you can use an expression like this:

In the matrix, the color of the Inventory Quantity changes, depending if it is equal, bigger or smaller than zero:

The same kind of expression us used to show a flag (green, orange, red), but the Inventory Quantity is compared with the Reorder point of the Item:

Voila, these are some of the KPI's in the report, the rest you have to discover yourself.

Would you like to know more about developing reports for the Role Tailored Client, then I would advise the following this training J

Report Design in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009


Download the report:

download report






No matter if I learned a lot here, the knowledge about the window, I think these later on in life for me will be very helpful

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