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Microsoft Outlook tip: AutoCompletion of contacts

I recently installed my brand-new laptop and discovered something about Microsoft Outlook that was annoying and how to solve the issue.

What was the problem?

Well, when I migrated my .pst file, my contacts were also migrated, of course, but when I create a new email and started typing the name of my contact on the To box, AutoCompletion was not working anymore.

It seems that the AutoComplete file of Outlook is stored under [Your Profile]\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook , and it always saved as the profile name of Outlook with .NK2 extension. But I did not backup this file, so I cannot restore it on my new machine…

After a thinking investigation I thought to try something.

Whenever you send an email to a contact, the next time you want to send him an email, the AutoCompletion works. So, I created a new email and added all my contacts in the To box. Then I pressed CTRL-K to parse them and then I closed my new email, without sending it.

After that, AutoCompletion was working again J

This has nothing to do with Microsoft Dynamics NAV or SQL Server, but I thought I would share this tip anyway ;-)


No matter if I learned a lot here, the knowledge about the window, I think these later on in life for me will be very helpful

great trick, experienced the same problem some time ago and our experts were unable to solve this "minor" anoyance. Thnxs, will keep this in mind, Alex

One of the most common errors I have encountered while using Outlook is the problem of not opening when you click on the icon, or it takes a long time to open. Luckily there is a simple fix that works most of the time.

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