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Where are the setup windows in the Role Tailored Client ?

Did you ever wonder what happened with the setup pages in the Departments suite of the Role Tailored Client ?

When you are used working with the Classic Client and you want to setup Sales & Marketing in a Dynamics NAV 2009 database, you usually use one of these:

And when you prefer to work with the Role Tailored Client, these are nowere to be found:

Although, when you open the MenuSuite designer for the departments suite they are clearly present:

What's going on ? Is this a bug ? Do I not have enough rights in the Role Tailored Client ? Why is this happening ?

Well, as you will probably not know, when you open the properties of a folder in the MenuSuite designer of the Departments Suite you see this:

Does something strikes you as interesting here ?

See the checkbox after Departments Page …. ?

Click on it…. è

Now, close & save the MenuSuite and then restart the Role Tailred Client and lets have a look:

Voila, the Setup folder and it's items are now visible in the Role Tailored Client !

Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step 2010 now available

Great news, the latest version of Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step was released today: Sure Step 2010. This new release includes great new features like:

Enhanced SharePoint integration provides improved collaboration and project tracking capabilities for Sales, Implementation and Optimization engagements.
You can now create a project collaboration SharePoint site straight from Sure Step itself. This collaboration site will automatically be populated with all the tools and templates from Sure Step.

Agile Project Type – The addition of this project type which will be especially suitable for implementations where the Microsoft Dynamics solution is positioned as a platform rather than as a commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) system. The Agile Project Type is organized as a sprint based delivery of deliverables (Scrum based).

Enhancements to the Diagnostic Phase including a link between Sure Step and Unleash Your Potential, an Industry Playbook to assist the Sales Roles focused on selling Microsoft Dynamics solutions catered to a specific industry/vertical, a consolidated set of Decision Accelerator Offerings, estimation tools and an enhanced ROI calculator.

New updated templates to support the latest Microsoft Dynamics release

Industry and Cross-Product Content - Positioning and deploying Microsoft Dynamics solutions in a given Industry or its related segments.  Industry Pilots for AX Process Manufacturing and CRM Public Sector including the launch of an Industry Playbook for solution selling. 

Guidance on xRM platform due-diligence and deployment.

Organizational Change Management Discipline – New guidance on managing organizational change, to address this common challenge in any ERP or CRM deployment.

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