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How to add journals in the Navigation Pane of NAV 2009?

One of the great features of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 is that you can customize the Navigation Pane. Big deal, you might say. Customizing the Navigation Pane was already possible in NAV 4.0. Yes, but with customizing I don't mean moving menu's up and down or showing them or not. No, in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009, you can really customize the Navigation Pane, also as a user. This means for example that you can decide yourself which items you want to show in your Navigation Pane.
How? Just go to the customize button on the top right of your application and choose Customize Navigation Pane. This will result in the following customization window:

Obviously with the Add button you go and chose what you want to add in the Navigation Pane. But what struck me is that it doesn't appear to be possible to add any of the journals.
In the screen-print below you can see that in the General Ledger group there are no General Journals, but the same also goes for the group Jobs, where you won't find Job Journals to add or Inventory where you won't find any of the item journals. And so on.

Why? Well to be honest, I don't know. Is this done intentionally by Microsoft or have they just forgotten to add journals? It could also be that there is a technical reason that I'm not aware of.
Anyway, this doesn't mean that it's completely impossible to add journals yourself to the Navigation Pane without having to do some development.

There is a simple workaround:

Let's say I want to add the Job Journal to my Home menu.
By going to Customize Navigation Pane, I select Departments on the left hand of the customization window. Next, in the right Column I will expand Jobs.

By choosing Job Journals and clicking on the Copy To button, I can choose the menu where I want to copy the Job Journals to.

Only thing left is to move the Job Journals up to the place I prefer. And as you can see below, the Job Journals have been added to my Home menu.

So I think you agree that this is a simple workaround to add journals to a menu. However, if there is someone who knows why it's not possible to select journals directly to add in a menu, please let me know J.


Great site! There are few much needed insights for a newbie like me.

F8 key is not working if you copy jornal to home

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