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WMS and Shipping Advice

A few days ago I got a support call which drew my attention to a specific fact when using Warehouse Management Systems (WMS).

Most of you probably know that for a customer, you can decide whether partial shipping is allowed or not. This is done using the field Shipping Advice on the customer card. If you select Complete, NAV will not allow you to do a partial shipment from the sales order.

But what happens if you use WMS?

In the following scenario, we use a customer with Shipping Advice Complete.
Accordingly, when creating a sales order for this customer, the Shipping Advice on the sales header will also be Complete.

The customer orders 2 different items, stored in the same WMS warehouse. For one or the other reason, the user changed the Outbound Warehouse Handling Time on line level for one of the items (exceptionally they need more time for handling this item in the warehouse). As a result, the Planned Shipment Date is different for each item.

In the warehouse, the warehouse manager uses the planned shipment date to create warehouse shipments (in that way, all the items that are to be shipped on a specific date are grouped in 1 warehouse shipment).

In our scenario, we will create a warehouse shipment with a planned shipment date of 25/01/08. This is done using the filter function on the warehouse shipment:

As a consequence, only 1 of the items of our sales order will appear on the warehouse shipment.

Note that we already have a difference between warehouse and sales for what the shipping advice is concerned.
And this will continue because as you will see, it is no problem to create a warehouse pick and to register it.

But when the warehouse pick is registered and the warehouse manager wants to post the warehouse shipment, NAV will check the shipping advice and complain about the complete shipping advice.

What is the solution? First of all, we have to question the fact if it is the intention to make a partial shipment for this customer. We probably haven't set up the customer with shipping advice Complete for no reason.

But let's suppose that we want to do this partial shipment, what do we have to do then?

First step is to go back to the sales order and to reopen it.
Next, we will have to change the Shipping Advice on the sales header to Partial.

When doing this, NAV will ask us if we want to change the shipping advice in the related warehouse documents also.

After choosing Yes, we can go back to the warehouse shipment and post it.

Note that we cannot change the shipping advice on the warehouse shipment. The field doesn't even exits there. The only way to work around it is as described above.


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