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Reporting Services 2008: Placeholder

Something exiting I discovered when using Sql Server Reporting Services 2008 is the placeholder.

What's a placeholder you might think ?

Well, imagine that you are adding a textbox to a report footer and in that textbox you would like to show who executed the report at what time. You can do this by adding a textbox to your report and use an expression behind it to get the required data. The information about who executed the report and at what moment can be found in the Globals collection. Nothing new so far…

When you proudly show your report to the user who requested the report you explain him that at the bottom of the report he can also see who executed it and at what moment. The user is impressed by this and then asks, "Very nice, but could the username and executiontime be in another color then the rest of the txt in that sentence ?" Of course that's no problem you reply.

Now you have to redesign the report and instead of using 1 textbox with 1 expression, you know have to split it up into several textboxes. Why ? Because the data in the textbox has the same layout (font, color,…).

Using a placeholder is a better solution for this problem. A placeholder is like a textbox inside another textbox.

For example you can go into the original textbox and right click:

Then this popup will open:

And here you can enter the text that has to be displayed, even using an expression. And as you can see, there's a Font tab for this Placeholder, so you can assign it it's own Font properties.

For example:


i have problem to get placeholder control in ssrs . but now i am solve the problem ,"THANK YOU"

is it possible to Hide a particular place holder

Can I use placeholder to hide calculated fields which are used in aggregating [RunningTotal] but not displayed on the report? I have tried using Text box and used the Hide option but that suppress the Text box and it messes up [RunningTotal].

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