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Key Tips: CTRL-F10 shortcut in NAV 2009

In Dynamics NAV 2009 the shortcuts have changed. They are not the same anymore as they were in previous versions. For an end user that is used to work with the 'old' shortcuts this might be confusing and difficult to learn.

A nice trick or workaround is the CTRL-F10 shortcut. When you use this one in the Role Tailored client then the Action groups get a number assigned. That way you can use te keyboard and the numbers to click on the actions, instead of using the mouse and so do it faster.


Open the Customer List in the RTC:

Now, press CTRL-F10 and see what happens:

Numbers appear below the Action Groups. Now press for example on 2 using the keyboard:

You will see that each action in the action group gets a number assigned. Now you can use that number as the shortcut to that Action. For example if you now press on 4, the Customer Statistics window will open:

Nice, is'nt ?


The CTRL-F10 shortcut will turn on or off key tips in the Action pane. When you press the key tip number, that action gets carried out (first key selects a group and shows key tips within that group).

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