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Reporting Services Tip about using the user's regional settings.

When creating Sql Server Reporting Services Reports you can sometimes end-up with data in US format instead of the local regional settings of the user.

For Example:

Here we have a report showing the Sales LCY and Profit LCY by Salesperson and Country in a matrix control. The data is coming from the Dynamics-NAV Sql database, but the formatting of the amounts is in US format, even when the report is running on a system that has Belgium regional settings.

How can we correct this?

Well there's a simple solution for this common problem. In the Report Designer in Visual Studio, the report has a LANGUAGE property:

By default this will contain English (United States), but by changing it to an expression you can make it dependant on the users Regional Settings:

Select <Expression>, then the Expression Editor opens. Then type in =User!Language

Run the report again to see the result:

Then Report will recognize user client's culture settings, e.g. Internet Explorer's languages settings.


How to get the regional language effect on text data in report when that TextBox value is formatted.

ex. Date return formatin SSRS is Date+Time, But I format Date by removing "Time" part.
For this "regional" setting discussed in this blog is not working.
Can you igve better solution for this?

Hello! I have several reports that are execute in different countries. What I want to do is no matter what regional settings the user have, always export in US-English. How can I do that?

Thanks for the tip.
Do you know if this can be set at a SOLUTION LEVEL so I don't have to set it at a REPORT LEVEL? I have a solution that has many reports.

I want to do the other way around. I want to export the information always using US language no matter what regional settings the user have.

Pivotier is a new reporting product for Dynamics NAV which enables both developers and end-users to leverage RDL and SSRS.

Demos are at

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