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How can I see Notes in the Dynamics NAV 2009 Classic Sql Client?

In the Role Tailored Client you have a new functionality to use called Notes. Note work very similar to Comments in the Classic Client. For example, you open a Customer Card in the RTC and then create a Note for that Customer like this:

But the problem is that these notes created in the Role Tailored Client are not accessible via the Classic Client. So if you are working in Mixed Mode, meaning using the Classic Client and the Role Tailored Client on the same Sql Server database, then notes created via the RTC cannot be displayed in the Classic Client.

How can we make these Notes accessible via the Classic Client?

Well, you are probably thinking, no problem, just create a form around the Notes table and link it to for example the customer card. Well, that's not possible, because there's no Notes table. So the question is where are these Notes stored in the database? After a little research I found that Notes are stored in the Record Link table. This table is used to store Record Links, and now this table has been redesigned to also store Notes:

So, now we know where to find Notes in the database, so now you should be able to also visualize Notes in the Classic Client.

How can you now visualize a Note?

Well, the Note is saved as a BLOB field in the table, so you can for example export it to a Text file and then view it.

Example Form:

And the code behind the View Note button could be this:




Howdy Steven!

Have you found out how to write a notes file to the Record Link Table. I tried this but it seems that NAV requires a special format of text in the Notes BLOB.


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