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RIM: Data Migration in NAV 5.1 – Points of Attention

For me, one of the most useful components of the RIM toolkit, is the Data Migration tool. I've been using it quite a lot, also in RIM V1, where it was still a bit rough edged. However, a while ago when I was implementing a company in NAV 5.1 I bounced into a few problems. After doing some research, I was able to resolve my issues and now everything works again smoothly. Because I heard from some of my students that they had the same problems, it seemed worthwhile to write a blog item on this.

Problem 1: Blank date fields

The first problem I had arose when I wanted to import a journal (for example to import open customer or vendor entries). After having set up everything as it should, I started importing some journal lines, and at first sight, everything seemed to be OK. By going in the Migration Overview window to the Migration Records, I saw that all the information was imported flawlessly:

As you can see, the posting dates have been filled in properly as it should. So up to the next step: Apply Migration Data.
Also this step works fine. The Migration records were processed and transferred to the General Journal, in this case a Sales Journal. But there the problem occurred:

As you can see in the screenshot above, the Posting Date is not filled. This is not only the case for the Posting Date, but for all the date fields. It seems that NAV somewhere loses the dates when applying the migration data. This is of course a bad thing, because now I can't post my Sales Journal, and this basically makes the Data Migration tool worthless for importing journal lines.

BUT: this was all happening in a NAV 5.1 version, and I remembered that importing journal lines in NAV 5.0 was working well. So, I started comparing the Data Migration tool from the 2 different version with each other and I discovered some differences in Codeunit 8611 (Migration Management).
I exported CU 8611 form a NAV 5.0 database and I imported it in a NAV 5.1 database. When running the same procedure once again, everything worked perfect, and all the date fields were filled in my Sales Journal:

To be honest, I didn't examine the differences in CU 8611 between the 2 NAV versions detailed enough to know the exact reason of the problem. But if you might have the same problem, then maybe you also should try to import CU 8611 from a NAV 5.0 database into your NAV 5.1 database. Afterwards all your date fields will be filled perfectly!
So far, this "workaround" didn't got me into other problems.

Problem 2: Amount fields

My 2nd problem wasn't too complicated. When importing amounts, using the Data Migration tool, I saw that NAV did some weird things:

In the Excel you see the amounts 3.000,00 and 9.000,00. When importing in NAV 5.1 and applying the migration data, the result is:

Instinctively I of course started changing my local settings of Windows, but at first this didn't work, because I only changed the number and decimal settings. To get it working I really had to change my location. When changing it to "United States", everything worked well.


So if some of you should have one of these problems using, the Data Migration tool, maybe you should try this.



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