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How to use Enterprise No in NAV 5.0 SP1

That the old-fashioned VAT No. is history in Belgium and replaced by the Enterprise No. is probably well spread by now. But how this Enterprise No. should be mentionned is less familiar to most people.

For companies who already had a VAT No. (xxx.xxx.xxx) the Enterprise No. is composed as follows: 0xxx.xxx.xxx. If your customer or vendor is located in Belgium (and you fill in the country code as BE) NAV will check whether this number is correct by performing the MOD 97 test and it will prohibit you from filling in the VAT No.. For customers or vendors from abroad NAV will only allow you to fill in the VAT No. and not the Enterprise No..

However, there is more to it than that. The Enterprise No. should be proceeded by:

  • BTW 0xxx.xxx.xxx or TVA 0xxx.xxx.xxx- for companies who only operate in Belgium
  • BTW BE 0xxx.xxx.xxx or TVA BE 0xxx.xxx.xxx – for companies who also operate outside Belgium in the EU

For companies of the type 'vennootschap' the Enterprise No. should also be followed by RPR ('rechtspersonenregister') and the location of the legal court ('arrondissementsrechtbank') to which the company belongs:

  • BTW BE 0xxx.xxx.xxx RPR Brussel

Why is it so important to fill this in correctly in NAV 5.0 SP1? If you forget to mention BTW / TVA (depending in which language you are using NAV) that customer will not appear on your yearly VAT listing!

You can always find more information about our wonderfull Belgian Enterprise No. on the following website: www.ondernemingsnummers.be

Max. no. of XML records to send ?

Recently I got this error when trying to use the Export to Excel button on the Customer list of a Dynamics NAV database:

This made me wonder: Is the export to Excel function limited to only 5000 records ?

Well, yes, it is, but the good news is that you can override this limit. When you go to Tools è Options there's a field called: "Max. no. of XML records to send" and its value is set by default to 5000.

So by increasing this you are able to send more than 5000 records towards Excel:

Of course, keep in mind that increasing this to a high value, you potentially can decrease system performance…

Getting the text out of a Dialog (Error/Message) box in Dynamics NAV

Have you ever been in a scenario that you are running Dynamics NAV and an error occurs? Sometimes you may want to have the exact error message in txt format to do some further research, for example in a search engine.

Well, I found out by accident that when you see a dialog box poping up in Dynamics NAV and you select it and do a Copy (CTRL-C), then you can do a Paste (CTRL-V) in a text editor, and voila, the exact error message is now pasted…

For example:

"CTRL-C", "open notepad", "CTRL-V" and this is the result:

Nice, isn't it ?

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