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Getting the text out of a Dialog (Error/Message) box in Dynamics NAV

Have you ever been in a scenario that you are running Dynamics NAV and an error occurs? Sometimes you may want to have the exact error message in txt format to do some further research, for example in a search engine.

Well, I found out by accident that when you see a dialog box poping up in Dynamics NAV and you select it and do a Copy (CTRL-C), then you can do a Paste (CTRL-V) in a text editor, and voila, the exact error message is now pasted…

For example:

"CTRL-C", "open notepad", "CTRL-V" and this is the result:

Nice, isn't it ?


Thanks for sharing your knowledge.Dynamic Nav is the an ERP for the enterprize looking for organization resource planning solution. It provide facility of accounting, comparision. Organization could generate reports from this ERP.

Damn, dit is cool, dit zou met elk programma moeten werken, of toch met die van Microsoft :-P.

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