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Reminders in NAV 5.0 SP1: This smells like a bug!

I know how to use reminders in NAV quite well and this from a trainer, a consultant and a user point of view.

But there was always one field that drew my attention: "Use Header Level". There isn't much of information on this field in the official courseware, so I did some testing myself to see what this field exactly does. You can describe this field as follows:

If you check this field, NAV will use the Header Level for all reminder lines. The Header Level is defined as the highest level of the different reminder lines of that reminder.

For example, we have a reminder with 2 invoices on it. For one invoice, it is the first time that it appears on a reminder (Level 1), for the second invoice, it is the second time that it is reminded (Level 2). If you check in this case the field (Use Header Level), NAV will use Level 2 for both invoices. Otherwise it would use Level 1 for the first invoice and Level 2 for the second.

What does this means: basically this means that NAV will use this field to see whether interest should be calculated for the reminder lines. Suppose that in the above example, the field "Calculate Interest" is checked in the setup of Level 2, then NAV will also calculate interest for the invoice that only appears for the first time on the reminder.

I already made the above example on a NAV 4.0 SP3 version and it always worked flawlessly. Last week however, I also tried to make this example on a NAV 5.0 SP1 (BE version) and there it didn't work. First I thought I made a mistake somewhere, so I tried over and over again for several times, but it kept giving me the wrong results. Then I started to play around a little bit with the settings and I discovered what went wrong:

When you go to the batch job "Create Reminders" and on the Options tab page, you check the field "Use Header Level", NAV will not apply the settings of the highest level of the different reminder lines, but it will apply the settings of one level higher.

By making an example it will become clear:

Reminder Term: DOMESTIC
Levels: 3

First invoice which has already been reminded 1 time:

Second invoice that will be reminded for the first time in the second reminder of the first invoice. We will use the "Use Header Level" field:

In this example, the result should be that NAV will not calculate interest (in the setup, Level 2 has no "Calculate Intrest").
But if you create the reminder as shown above, the result is:

As you can see, NAV calculates interest for both invoices and because Level 3 is the only level where interest calculation is activated, we can conclude that level 3 is used instead of Level 2.

If you make the exact same example in 4.0, you will see that Level 2 is used (as it should be). I haven't tried it yet on a W1 version, but it doesn't seem to be something which has got to do with localization. I know that the field "Use Header Level" isn't used that much, but you never know…


Thanks you for posting this article. Here I want to discuss some of NAV 5.0 features provided by Microsoft:
1.By this tool we can start two client session consecutevely
2. We can have unlimited no of users.
3.It runs with 500MB size of database.
4. It could run any language.

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