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Requisition Worksheet

Recently I found out a little trick about the Requisition Worksheet in Dynamics NAV.

For some reason the worksheet was not calculating for Items that were not setup with a SKU (Stock Keeping Unit). When we made SKU's for the items, then the calculation worked properly, but without a SKU it did not calculate anything. This seemed very strange and after a little research I found a workaround.

The workaround is to use the location code in the manufacturing setup. Even if not running manufacturing, this part of the manufacturing setup is available.

In the workaround, you have to decide a "replenishment location". This replenishment location is setup using the "Component at Location" field at the Manufacturing Setup. (Manufacturing | Setup | Manufacturing Setup | Planning Tab | Component at Location field)

Once a location is selected in MFG setup, when calculate plan is selected from the requisition worksheet the system will create a Purchase Order for items that are not setup with a SKU.

We were working on a Dynamics NAV 5.0 SP1 German version, but I think this workaround may also work in other and earlier versions of Dynamics NAV.


If you read Navision 4.0 White paper, you will find out that the above issue has been addressed.

The reason for your work around has to do with the settings in Inventory Setup where the "Location Mandatory" is ticked. If so, then you must create a SKU or set up the location within Manufactory Setup as explained above.

Read the document from here:

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