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Vintage broadcast about Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step methodology


By surfing the web I did found a radio broadcast about Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step Methodology.

In this episode a conversation with Nathan Warner and Christine Bell is recorded. This conversation is about the V1 version of Sure Step. So about the version released last year.

It is a partnercast available at click here.

If you play it, you will be captured by a vintage feeling that refers to past radio history. If the word Telefunken means anything to you, yo will know what I mean.

The combination of a radio broadcast of which the quality and feeling refers to the early days of radio and information about the latest Microsoft implementation methodology is kind of funny and cool at the same time. If you really listen well you can also pick up some interesting information.

What you also need to know is that the V2 version of Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step Methodology is on its way. The dev teams in Redmond are working on it and the Plataan team in Hasselt/Limburg/Belgium is also working on the official courseware for this version in parallel track with the Redmond dev team. How cool is that?


Hi Michael, thanks for your question. Yes, we have more info about V2. In the last months we have been working closely with the Sure Step V2 Development team in Redmond. This in order to develop the MOCs for the new courses.We will be delivering the TTT's for both US and EMEA on Sure Step V2.

The V2 version is to be released at WPC 08 in Houston next week. The TTT's will take off during July and begin of August. As of then normal training will be provided on V2.

If you will be attending WPC next, feel free to contact me as I will be present.
Kind regards,
Vincent Bellefroid

Hi Plataan

Do you have any information regarding a release of V2 of Sure Step?

Best regards
Michael Bo Larsen
NeoProcess a/s, Denmark

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