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Difference between “Projected Available Inventory” and “Expected Inventory” in Microsoft Dynamics NAV

For everyone working with items in Microsoft Dynamics NAV, retrieving the right available inventory on whatever moment is crucial for the efficiency and trustworthiness of your application. In general the information is shown in the various availability forms offered in Dynamics NAV. One of these forms is the "Item Availability by Location".

In this form you see the "Projected Available Inventory" and the "Expected Inventory". In the screenshot above you can see that there is a difference between these two for Location GREEN. You also see that the difference is 180, which is the "Planned Receipt" for location GREEN. So when you know that the "Planned Receipt" is the quantity of items in the "Requisition Worksheet" or the "Planning Worksheet", you also know what the difference between the "Projected Available Inventory" and the "Expected Inventory" is. So the Expected Inventory doesn't contain the quantities in the "Requisition Worksheet" or the "Planning Worksheet".

I guess you could say that quantities in the "Requisition Worksheet" or the "Planning Worksheet" are still unsure because one could still decide not to make Purchase of Production Orders of them. So from that point of view you could say that we are (relatively) sure of the quantities in the "Expected Inventory" because they only take into account quantities in purchase orders / Production Orders which will be received / produced within the given period.

I think this is an acceptable way of seeing things, but it may be important to pay attention to the fact that the "Available Inventory" in the "Information Pane" of a sales order is the "Projected Available Inventory", so with the unsure quantities in the "Requisition Worksheet" and "Planning Worksheet".


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