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How to set trace flag 4616 in Sql Server ?

As from DynamicsNAV 5.0, when you want to use Sql Server you need to set trace flag 4616, otherwise an error will occur when you try to connect a Dynamics 5.0 client to a Sql Server database.

What is a trace flag in Sql Server?

Trace flags are used to enable specific properties or to change the behaviour of Sql Server.

What does trace flag 4616 do ?

Well, it makes server-level metadata visible to application roles. In SQL Server 2005, an application role cannot access metadata outside its own database because application roles are not associated with a server-level principal. This is a change of behavior from earlier versions of SQL Server. Setting this global flag disables the new restrictions, and allows for application roles to access server-level metadata.

How do you enable a trace flag in Sql Server 2005 ?

There are several ways to enable or disable a trace flag in Sql Server. Maybe the easiest way is to do it in the Sql Server Configuration Manager:


In the Configuration Manager you then go to the properties of the Sql Server service (default is MSSQLSERVER):


In the Advanced tab, select the StartUp parameters and add ;-T4616 at the end and then click on Ok:


Now we have added the trace flag. It will be enabled as soon as we restart the Sql Server service:





thanks for the help!. Rgds.

It helped me lot. Thank you very much


it has been fixed in sp1 however it still require manul start to the sql server that I believe has been left for sp2 ;-)

This article was helpful, btw

great, thanks a lot.

This worked perfectly. THANKS!!

Thanks Alot its works know .

the lag fix the issue

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