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Plan the work, work the Plan

Activity is not achievement!
Software implementers are under increasing pressure to come up with quality solutions as quickly as possible within a set budget.
Projects are not precision operations; they are full of uncertainty, risks, complex tasks, a range of different stakeholders and masses of to do’s.

Achieving faster implementation while still meeting the requirements laid down for a project within a set budget is not possible simply by cutting back on the man-days in the budget. The only way is carefully thought through, appropriate and applied project management.

Plan the work, work the plan !

A lot of projects have a cost and time overrun. This can be related to various causes, but be advised that if you have not clearly, not realistic defined your scope of the project, project succes will be hard to achieve. Ever tried to use a WBS? Work Break Down Structure!

Problems with reporting the real status of project? Ever tried Earned Value techniques?

How do you manage your Microsoft Dynamics projects? Ever tried the Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step Methodology?

If you do not want to end in the "Project Management Disaster News" then get your project management act together!

A good start would be to participate in the new project management program:
Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step Bundle
The Sure Step Bundle is a unique combination of instructor-led project management training and field assistance.We will provide students in three days with necessary knowledge on project management basics and in-depth knowledge on the Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step Methodology.

We will do a "Sure Step Heartbeat Assessment" on one of your Microsoft Dynamics projects.The assesment will take one day of time, executed in two half days. The heartbeat will be executed during the diagnostic phase and during the deployment phase.

Finally, some extra tips! Enjoy!


The first video you've shared pretty much encompasses everything one needs to know about basic project management. I have a question about version control, though. Let's say the project is finished after following the first set of requirements given by the client. If the client gives another set of requirements based on that finished version, do we go back to step 2?

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