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Plataan: Global Microsoft Dynamics training company

Istock_000002568492xsmall Plataan is a known and respected training company, not only in Belgium. Plataan delivered Microsoft Dynamics training in:

- Denmark
- The Netherlands
- Luxembourg
- Roumenia
- UK
- Bulgaria
- Slovenia
- Germany

We were recently invited by CTEC-BG, a bulgarian certified training center, to deliver a one-week Manufacturing course on Microsoft Dynamics NAV. The training organised by CTEC-BG in Sofia became a great succes. We want to thank Arne Notebaert (our trainer), Dimitar Stoev and Nicolai Penev (CTEC-BG).


A press release for this training was distributed to local Bulgarian press. It contained an interview and photo of our trainer Arne.

Read the full story,if you know the Bulgarian language ...

Plataan trainers will also be deployed on the Microsoft World Partner Conference 2007 in Denver USA. They will assist Microsoft during the Microsoft Dynamics NAV expo.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 5.0 Release in Belgium

Istock_000003240957xsmall On 18th of June the Microsoft Dynamics NAV 5.0 was released in Belgium and Luxembourg, 8 days earlier than planned.

This means that the new functionalities are available for Belgian and Luxembourg endusers.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 5.0 offers new application features and enhancements that will enable partners to boost productivity and help customers streamline their business operations more, and with greater flexibility.

With Microsoft Dynamics NAV 5.0, companies can:

·         Empower their employees to make better decisions

·         Fuel business productivity

·         Enhance speed and efficiency in performing everyday tasks

·         Improve collaboration using Microsoft Office SharePoint Server

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 5.0 includes following new features:

  • Online Map Integration
  • Office XML : NAV data can now be exported to any office application based on xslt stylesheets
  • Record linking: link documents to any NAV record
  • Enhanced outlook synchronisation: synchronise any entity you want to any user
  • New prepayments functionality
  • New Document approval functionality
  • New inventory costing functionality and architecture
  • New jobs functionality
  • New Item tracking functionalities
  • New service managment functionalities
  • New ordertracking functionalities: link demand with supply
  • Intercompany purchase cost distribution
  • Account schedules:analysis views in colum layout & new operator
  • New C/AL functions
  • Temporary tables on forms
  • SMTP
  • Keygroups

Sql Server Service Pack 2

Microsoft has released a second service pack for Sql Server 2005. Service Pack 2 makes the server compatible with Windows Vista and extends the data-mining possibilities of Sql Server. Although Microsoft calls it a service pack, by installing SP2 Sql Server really gets a number of new features.

Many of the new possibilities have to do with the integration with Windows Vista and Office 2007 as a result of which functionality is added on the business intelligence area.

Sharepoint Server 2007 can now be integrated with Sql Server to deliver reports and the functionality of Sql Server Analysis Services is directly accessible from within Excel and Visio 2007.

More information about Sql Server Service Pack 2 can be found here:


From ERP product to Business Solution


Plataan was invited to speak on the KMO-IT day focussed on ERP.
With this link you can find the slides of our presentation (in Dutch) with answers to questions on:

- what is ERP?
- what is a Business Solution?
- what is the difference with a financial reporting system?
- what is a proces?
- how to implement a business solution?
- common pitfalls when implementing business solutions?
- ....

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