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NAV Developers Toolkit update

A new version of the NAV Developers Toolkit was recently released (NDT_2.00.290SP3). You can download it from Partnersource here: https://mbs.microsoft.com/partnersource/downloads/releases/ndtall.htm?printpage=false

A number of bugs are fixed now, like for example an endless search when using the "Where Used" functionality in NDT 2.0 SP2. The complete list of fixes can be found in the Release doc.

For those of you that don't know what the Developers Toolkit is: Developer’s Toolkit provides you with a collection of analysis and development tools that can help reduce the time required to examine the structure of a Microsoft Dynamics NAV database and to update customized solutions.

Permission Range

A few weeks ago I got a very nice tip from a senior Nav developper. Ever been in the situation were you had to develop a report for one of your customers, and you knew that they had 100 reports available in their license, but forgot the exact available number range ?

Well then you can try this to find it out:

Go into their object designer and create a new form with the form wizard. Perm1_1 Select "Permission Range" as the table and choose the tabular type form. Click on OK, then in the next window select all the fields and click on preview.


Put a filter on the Object Type field, select "Report". Now in the column Insert Permission you can see the range in which you have insert permissions. By default it is for the Cronus License from 99999..99999.

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