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Dynamics-nav opportunity management

Opportunity management provides the ability to identify and track potential projects, opportunities, leads, and proposals.
It enables organizations to better manage, qualify and prioritize project and service demand.

Professional Services Firms (PSA) receive numerous amounts of work requests bug fixes, project leads and issues from clients  on a daily basis. Most organizations have a relatively reactive approach and a difficult time managing incoming requests, prioritizing work, assigning resources or tracking and reporting on that work.

The management and tracking of sales opportunities is a crucial part of succes.

A solution that enable organizations to better identify, qualify, prioritize and manage sales opportunities.

Good news: Dynamics-Nav can easily do that job:

SmmenuIn the Sales & Marketing Menu of Dynamics-Nav (Navision) we find "contacts". These are all possible contacts of the company. This means also prospects and existing customers.

For each contact 'opportunities' can be recorded.
Opportunities can be considered as leads, proposals, work assignments, ...

Contactopp From a contact, the opportunity list can easily be seen for each contact. Most relevant info can be read from here. For more details on the opportunity, the opportunity card can be opened.

This overview of all 'opportunities' can be easily seen for all contacts. By doing so one has a first glance on possible future work assignments. This includes status, relevant dates, responsable sales representative etc.

For each contact a 'bar chart' can also be opened to see graphical statistics on the opportunities:

Oppbarchart_1 This barchart visualizes the pipeline values. One can read easily estimated and calculated values of the sales pipeline by time period (changeable) for each contact.

By removing filters in the filter section, one can see the pipeline for all contacts or for specific groups of companies, by sales representative, etc. .

Reporting on the opportunities is also possible. Dynamics-nav provides a number of standard reports.

This essential information gives a company the possibility to control the incoming flow of new opportunities. These opportinities can also be part of sales cycles from which tasks can be automatically generated and even synchronized with Microsoft outlook.


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