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Make your own intranet with Dynamics-Nav

Employee_portal With Dynamics-Nav one cannot only administer company processes in an ERP environment, it can also serve as a company intranet site. This is the "Employee Portal" which is available whith Dynamics-Nav. It is a seemless integration between Dynamics-Nav and Microsoft Sharepoint.

Here is a small video about how to create webparts in employee portal.

Roles included in Dynamics Nav 5.0

As we all know, Microsoft Dynamics-Nav 5.0 will be rolbased. That means functionality and interface are focussed on the roles that employees have in different company processes.
The combination of roles will result in users own userinterface. This will allow the user to focus on his own activities and task. This also means that he/she will have access to information which is relevant to him/her in his/her processes and activities. So no more same data for all users. This will allow more efficienty and productivity and off course more convenience for the end-user.

Now what roles does Microsoft intend to include Dynamics-Nav 5.0?
From what we know from available literature, Microsoft intends to include 21 - 28 roles in Dynamics-Nav. We will list them for you:

  1. Accounting Manager
  2. Accounts Payable Coordinator
  3. Accounts Receivable Administrator
  4. Bookkeeper
  5. Sales Manager
  6. Order Processor
  7. Purchasing Agent
  8. Shipping and Receiving WMS
  9. Shipping and Receiving order-by -order
  10. Warehouse Worker WMS
  11. Production Planner
  12. Shop Supervisor
  13. Shop Supervision Manufacturing Foundation
  14. Machine Operator
  15. Resource Manager
  16. Project Manager
  17. Dispatcher
  18. Outbound Technician
  19. IT Operations Manager
  20. President
  21. President-Small Business

There is also a "poster" available which lists all these "roles" included in Dynamics-Nav 5.0.
You can download it here: Download microsoft20dynamics_customermodel_people_departments_poster_lores.pdf

Questions about Dynamics-Nav 5.0?

One of the most significant developments in this release is the new three-tier architecture.

The first tier – the new Microsoft Dynamics client – will present data with a modern user experience.
The Microsoft Dynamics client will run on both the Microsoft Windows platform,
including Microsoft Vista and Microsoft Office 2007, and inside Microsoft SharePoint allowing for remote access.

With the release of 5.0, Microsoft Dynamics NAV will be the first Microsoft Dynamics solution with a client based on the new Microsoft Dynamics tools technology.
In addition, the Microsoft Dynamics tools platform will help us to accelerate development breakthroughs for subsequent product releases and will empower partners to build their own solutions faster and more efficiently.

The middle tier, the Service Tier will be used to service the clients and to enable web services to external or third-party applications.
Microsoft Dynamics NAV 5.0 will be built
with Microsoft .NET.

The Microsoft Dynamics client has been built using state-of-the-art technology and runs on a leading industry database platform, Microsoft SQL Server 2005.

This means that customers will be able to realize all the latest innovations and benefits that the Microsoft Dynamics client and Microsoft SQL can offer as one of the most advanced platforms in the industry.

What improvements have been made to C/SIDE in 5.0?

Improvements include support for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP),
new C/AL
functions such as Block Indent and an easier way to return error text to C/AL; plus support for multiple graphical formats beyond the BMP format (such as JPG, WMF, GiF) that can be stored in the database and viewed on forms and reports. And, improvements have been made to increase performance when Microsoft Dynamics NAV runs on the Microsoft Microsoft SQL Server database. These include optimizing indexes, FIND and cursors in Microsoft Dynamics NAV, and reducing SIFT usage

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